Carrot Pineapple

Michael has been waiting for weeks for this one, because carrot-pineapple were his favourite muffins as a kid. There was a lot of excitement around the kitchen today as I mixed this one up.

Because I have learned my damn lesson, I doubled the batch – twelve muffins lasts about a day around here. I’ll provide the recipe as Dorothy presented it, and you’ll end up with 12 large muffins, no problem. Doubling the batch easily yielded 24 large muffins, and if I had more oven space and/or an extra muffin tin I probably could have stretched it to 30.

The recipe

Sift into bowl

1.5 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup white sugar

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. salt

Beat in small bowl, then add to flour and blend:

2 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

2/3 cup vegetable oil

Add and mix well:

1 cup grated carrots

1/2 cup crushed pineapple with juice

Bake at 400F for 20 minutes. Makes 12 large muffins.

The process

I don’t have a food processor, so the worst part of this recipe was grating the carrots – and even that wasn’t so bad. The rest was very straightforward and it went together easily, even if I did cringe at the amount of sugar. However, this is a pretty forgiving batter, I’m thinking, so cutting back on the sugar or maybe subbing in some whole wheat flour wouldn’t be a problem.

You could also substitute applesauce for the vegetable oil.

In the interests of testing out the recipe, I didn’t make any substitutions this time.

The result

First off, the batter was oh-my-god-licking-my-fingers DELICIOUS. Creamy, spicy, sweet… so good. The smell while they baked was fantastic, too – the kids kept coming into the kitchen to check the oven timer to see when they’d be done.

They rose more than any other muffins of Dorothy’s I’ve attempted; this may have been because I doubled everything, I’m not sure, but they got bigger than I was expecting.

They were perfectly done in 20 minutes and WOW, these are just really good muffins. A little carrot cake just for me. The tops had a pleasing crunch and the pineapple broke down during the baking, lending moisture and sweetness. The kids loved them… the baby ate one in three alarmingly large bites and then cried when I wouldn’t let him have a second one immediately.

I can promise you, these are well worth making – and will definitely be going in my permanent rotation here.

Next week – Chips ‘n Bran

By ‘chips’ Dorothy means either chocolate or butterscotch chips – you’ll need 1/3 cup of either, as well as bran and a crazy amount of baking powder.



9 comments on “Carrot Pineapple

  1. Did you know that you can reduce the amount of sugar by 1/3 of a cup for every cup of sugar in a recipe, without noticing a difference in the taste. I’ve made this a permanent adjustment in all my muffin recipes, and I definitely do not notice any difference (and I love sugar!)

  2. MaryP says:

    These are nice, but not a favourite for me, and as usual, it’s a texture thing. I like my muffins denser, less cake-y. (I’m not much of a fan of cupcakes, either.) I’ll try it again, with less sugar, as Lila suggests, and with whole wheat flour, and see if that makes them more the texture I prefer. Meantime, the kids loooove them, so it’s all good!

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  4. Nicole says:

    I like carrot cake, but I’m wondering if you can taste the pineapple? Never been a fan of canned pineapple, but maybe it’s like adding a fruit puree for sweetness?

  5. clara says:

    Oh so tasty. I was pretty sure the kids wouldn’t eat them, and I was right, but my husband and I are pretty much ready to frost them and have them as birthday cake. I cut the sugar in half, and still cakey delicious.

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