Applesauce Raisin

I have been dreading this recipe because ugh, raisins. I hate raisins. Always have. Even as kid, I spurned what my mom insisted on calling “nature’s candy”. No, mom. Sugar cane is nature’s candy. Or maple syrup. Raisins are merely disappointed grapes. Baked, they are even worse.

However, I can’t start making changes to recipes before I’ve tried them at least once, so I bought a bag of raisins. Sultanas. And I mixed them into the biggest freakin’ vat of batter that any recipe in the book has made so far, because of course the recipe with the one ingredient I truly cannot stand would make an enormous batch.

The recipe

Beat slightly

4 eggs

Add to eggs and beat thoroughly

2 cups white sugar

1 1/2 cups oil (I used canola)

1 3/4 cups applesance (I used unsweetened & unflavoured applesauce)

Sift together

3 cups all-purpose flour

1 tbsp. cinnamon

2 tsp. baking powder

2 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. salt

Add dry to wet and blend until smooth.

Stir in

2 cups raisins

Fill muffin cups 2/3 full and sprinkle brown sugar on batter. (The 2/3 is underlined in the original version.)

375F, 15-20 minutes. Makes 32 large muffins.

The process

The only thing about this recipe was the sheer size – I needed to use my largest mixing bowl. So be warned – this really does make a LOT of batter, especially as compared to every other recipe we’ve tried so far.

Take my advice and do not try to fill the cups beyond that 2/3. These muffins rise quite a bit.

They smell really good while baking – a tablespoon of cinnamon! Also, the batter itself tastes sweet and as a result I was quite sad as I mixed in the damnable raisins. I will likely take NotMaryP’s suggestion and make another batch with dried cranberries.

The result

The muffins browned quite a bit; they weren’t done at 15 minutes but 20 minutes seemed to give them a bit more colour than I would have expected from a white-flour recipe. I don’t know that the brown sugar on top adds much, but maybe I used too light a hand.

The muffin itself tasted GOOD – there is finally enough cinnamon to make me a happy girl. And actually the raisins weren’t horrible, although the raisin taste went all through it and as I was chewing I kept thinking “man, these would be really excellent without raisins”. So Dorothy hasn’t converted me to baked raisins, but I did eat a whole muffin and didn’t feel the need to pick the raisins out like a toddler.

For a family needing lunchbox snacks, this is an ideal recipe, because it’s quick & easy to make and yields plenty. I’d recommend it for that reason alone.

Next week

I’m skipping ahead in the book a little for the next couple of weeks, because there are two Christmas recipes and I want to get to them at the appropriate time. So next week will be “Christmas Cake”. Ingredients that you likely will need to purchase specially – I know I do – are:

1/3 cup mixed peel

1/3 cup chopped candied cherries

1/3 cup chopped nuts

1 cup all-bran cereal (I’ll be using plain bran)



2 comments on “Applesauce Raisin

  1. Michael says:

    Dried cranberries might be a bit too tart. Little pieces of cut up apple in lieu of raisins would probably work too. They are tasty muffins, but I don’t like the texture of surprise baked raisins in my morning muffin.

  2. Nicole says:

    I like raisins by themselves, but I do not like them IN baked goods. Blergh.

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